Thursday, February 26, 2009

PS: A Poll

Sandy Young, creator of SMAAC, has posted a poll where we can vote on the issue of who speaks for mothers. Please click on the link and go vote. We need to let these people know that they are not speaking for the majority, nor have they received our permission to speak for us.

Let's get the word out.



legitimatebastard said...

Are voters restricted to natural mothers? What if an adoptee is on your side?

Robin said...

Joan, I think since the issue in question is about us, the main and initial message should come from us. BUT, I am not going to turn away support from anyone whose heart is in the right place.

Perhaps, helping get the message out through your own resources would be good. Maybe, something saying, "our Mothers want to speak for themselves," would be a good way to get support from adoptees.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope that any surrendering mother who does not want the NCFA speaking for her will vote at the SMAAC Poll. The NCFA needs to know that they were not 'elected' nor asked represent us or to be our 'voice'. I think most of us natural moms, are more than capable to speak for ourselves, with our own voices..thank you very much! Thanks Sandy for putting this poll up. I see it is now favor of the NCFA to shut it's big, gaping, adoption yap!!! represent

legitimatebastard said...

Robin and Chris,

why is there only 50 natural mothers taking the poll? I know I've been out of the loop and have never been a full member of any natural parent organization, but CUB was a huge help in my own learning. Are there mothers who are simply silent?

I think I'll post a link in my blog about Sandy's poll. As an adoptee, that's all I can do.

Gee, now I feel "guilty" if I write to stick up for mothers of adoption loss! Is it okay if I do?
I hope so because I learn so much from you.

Robin said...

Joan, I re-read how the question is worded and anyone with an opinion can actually vote. Since SMAAC is limited to EMS moms, I assumed something that wasn't germain to the bad. Please add your vote.

Unknown said...

Sorry about not replying earlier. I have been busy with family issues. I would hope that anyone who believes that mothers should have the right to speak on their own behalf would vote that way. I will be sending the results to the NCFA, along with letters and copies of blog posts to support that.

Vote, and pass the link along so that others can. The problem is that mothers don't know that the poll exists. Please, tell them!