Monday, January 03, 2011

Do We Need To Change More Than Just Adoption?

I am looking at my country and its foibles with a loving but critical eye and I have detected a huge web with a big, fat spider sitting there, just waiting to feed on anyone and everyone it can. Arachnus Americanus is a creature born of greed and arrogance. She carries the venom of financial elitism and a vicious nature born of the assumption of her own superiority. She was crafted by the hands of patriarchal control freaks. She is very good at being a predator.

At the command of her male creators, she has enshrouded both Lady Liberty and Miss Justice in copious cobwebs. A once-proud eagle is ensnared in her web. Her victims are the poor, the weak, and the disenfranchised which includes the single mother and her infant. She injects the mother with hopelessness and shame and keeps the child a child forever. Her many legs manipulate and spin and obfuscate. She is one busy arachnid.

Our nation is ill. And the American Way of adoption is just one symptom. There had to be something very wrong at the start for this system of human bondage and opportunistic baby-theft to exist. Our supposedly "Free" country has those in power, the wealthy, who exercise an amount of control that is obscene. Using spin doctors, smoke, mirrors and erosion of the educational system, these spider-makers assure their places at the top of the heap, their weight pressing down on those at the bottom. The venom of the nasty creepy-crawlie even makes some walk, willingly, into the web. These are the victims that have fallen prey to the dumbing down of our culture and citizenry. The best way to control is to keep intelligence and free thought in check.

In other countries, this has led to revolutions. Here, it leads to filibusters, sound bites, arguments and ignorance while Ms. Spider spins away, catching more and more of our rights, opportunities and our social conscience in her massive web. Motherhood is dishonored and the weakest among us are disregarded or prey or both.

To say I have become disenchanted with our power structure would be understating it. I fear the sneaky and falsely pious intrusion of the Christian Right. I abhor the pundits who fill the airwaves with fear-mongering lies and rabble rousing of the gullible. I look at the "Tea Party" and see eight, gleaming, black eyes staring back at me with venom dripping from sharp mandibles. I see the in-fighting between the parties and the mud being slung with abandon and I want to cry. I see the gross, racist, juvenile disrespect being shown our President and I hang my head and try not to watch.

It's no accident that the spider is female. In the arachnid world, the female is the web-spinner and the one with venom. She is the hunter and the killer. The patriarchy has managed to use human women in this way, turning us against each other, allowing some to prey on their sisters for coveted children and still managing to use us as chattel and sex objects despite all the best efforts of feminists and those with just plain common sense. Have you ever noticed, when stupid girls get into physical altercations over a boy, what the boys do? They watch and laugh. The patriarchy has no compunction against using us against each other in order to maintain the status quo.

Just like everything else, this nation has its good points. There are those who escape the web and the effects of the poison and let their voices be heard. There are those who can keep an open mind and question the dichotomous, scare-tactic rantings of the pundits. There are still those who believe in civil and human rights and the quality of real justice. There is beauty in our nation, from mountains to seas. There is a plethora of possibilities if only they could be pursued.

But I fear that, before any possibilities are pursued, before our social conscience is restored and before the real glory of our nation is returned to us, its people, we have a big spider to exterminate. If you don't vote, if you don't talk to our elected leaders and let them know that we know what has happened to the US and if you don't speak out, nothing, including restructuring of adoption, open records and redress, is going to happen. It's going to still be the same old, same old.

I'm ashamed of what America has become. As for our spider, I am ready to put the Raid to the bitch.


Chris said...

All I can say Robin is..
Thank You & AMEN!!

Von said...

You have a beautiful country with many beautiful, talented wonderful people who make great art,photography, music, architecture and ideas.You've had some of the world's best activists, feminists,thinkers and do-ers.
Perhaps if the Pilgrim Fathers hadn't been ejected from Bristol you might have had honesty, truth, ethics and the things some like to think they have instead of hypocrisy and a rampant adoption industry in a land of the highest consumerism in the world.
Love you all but not sadly your economy!

Robin said...

Von, the Capitalistic system, like the Communist system, is too top-heavy to work out well in the long run. The influence of the Puritans on our culture is one of our biggest problems. People cringe, here in the US, when they hear the term "socialism." They don't even realize what it is in its basic form. That is how the national brainwashing has gone. I learned, after reaching adulthood, that much of what we were taught in American history was slanted, skewed or total fiction. Blending a social conscience with free enterprise can work but the fat cats are going to do all they can to prevent it. Any society that has a flourishing adoption industry has basic flaws in its very foundation.

Kathy Caudle said...

Janaury 3rd, '11

It's all about the money, in adoption. There's so incredibly much money--NON-taxed, mostly--that this is why adoption is one-sided in favor of pro-adoption.

When was the last time any of us heard any television news reporters, and/or news paper or magazine editors and writers report favorably about first mothers and natural fathers? People magazine editors for instance recently stopped publication of an article about an unwed mother enabling her new-born to be adopted out to others at the protest of a natural mother because again--as is so often the case--the People editor simply refused to give at least equal space to write favorably about natural mothers.

Kathy Caudle
Natural Mother
Salt Lake City

Unknown said...

Could not agree with this more, Robin! There are times when I hear Newt Gingrich talk and I want to paste him in his fat chops. Then I realize that a country that puts profit over family deserves what it gets.

Robin said...

Of course, it's all about the money. That is the foundation of the Capitalistic system. Profit first, caring a distant second.

Lori said...

Money is the driving force, but apathy is the gas pedal.... BRAVO!