Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Lunacy Is In The Fringe

My friend, Sandy, received this comment on one of her blog posts, with the author carrying on about freedom of speech meaning that she could come on any one's personal blog, page or site whenever she wished and could  post whatever she wished. My friend, wisely, deleted her but saved the posts. This is not the first time that this has happened nor the only person to do this kind of thing. This same person has stalked, harassed and posted insults to me, and to some other friends...not just online, but to personal and work snail-mail addresses. This is her latest act of aberrant behavior. Please note the spelling and sentence structure.

"LOL sandy young!! hate to burst your hopeful delusional bubble; but naw, an awful lot of people all over the globe now know exactly what the TRUTH is, you can scream and holler in your pathetic tantrum versions all ya want; but you arent the last word or god like you think you are; heh, ya , you and the major bullshitters with your fancy blogs that sound all pro caring; many people, now, thanx to ME, can see write threw your narcassistic ego, and threats and intimidations....IP address!! LMAO!!! help!! police!!! LOL!!! authorities!!!! gemme!! gemme!!! i live write next door to em, all, but not one has come ta "GET" me? why? cuz they all know now, the crimes YOU all have committed against ME, and we keep repeating FREE SPEECH just like you have but i am not alloweed,,, YAWN!!!! see ya in court sandy young, however long it takes, keep on bitcin and hollering and screaming about IP ADRESSES and police and everything else; lol, its what scared, guilty people do, anyway, who have alot to hide; but we all know the powerful evil force behind your intimidations and, keep posting on craiglist adoption forum too, it was quite amusing, to say that people all think i am "nuts" or, quite the contrary..

happy new year, goodluck working on your delusions, and narcissm and guilty conscience...whew!! what an ego and control freak...i believe in Karma,

and oh, that crap about the post office "taking action against who? me? for free speech against the crimes against ME??? dream on, deary, that never happened, oh!! but i will defenately be there to look them right in the face and LMAO ; cuz THEY are the ones who are in a shit load of trouble; again, oh my, did someone rain on your lil tantrum parade? again?? lol, now, you keep posting and bitching and whining and moaning about police, and authorities, and IP ADRESSES, and any other THANG you can drum up, you appear and sound more desperate and delusional everyday,

i know i told your narcisstic ass, (oh my i said ass didnt i) maybe someone should call the POLICE and slap it or something, cant handle the truth;

oh, I did tell you that i worked for the postal service etc, for many years, didnt i dear sandy? so, instead, of patronizing and condescending down to people as if you know it all, ; you might wanna pull out your Bible for once, instead of waking up in the morning to hope and pray for the last worrd in everything you do;

Pride goeth before a fall...ya, its in the bible,, think about it, i know you dont...cuz u have such a fantastic way with wordplay that u sound really believable and credible....

you or anyone else in the "adoption support " (cough cough) community, are not above the law...none of you like the fact that SOME of us have the brains to think for ourselves and challenge a few of you attention whores and control freaks, by intimidation and threats ; oh!! keep on using the word and fraze, "STALKER" too!!! it gets more and more entertaining and amusing...the more you all holler and scream and intimidate and threaten, the MORE the TRUTH comes out!!! truth is, ya all are so unsettled and scared that the more i talk, and post anywhere about the crimes you all have committed against ME, the more you know it will lead, oh, you know where, you and your s hands , right in the lil coookie (kookie) jar!!

people that whine and moan and groan and accuse people of being stalkers, etc, when they are just exercising their own freee speech rites /justice/ just like you all claim you are, ; then deny others, victims, that same right, HAVE ALOT TO HIDE, and you know it; big deal, i am verbose, tonite; waaaaa,,,theres only ONE GOD sandy, and its JESUS CHRIST, so get off your high horse, you arent GOD, he is the one to be worshipped, NOT YOU; this new year it might feel good finally to turn over a new leaf and learn humility and apologetics; narcisstic people have a hard time with that i supppose; sad but true; MY blog? funny you should mention that,lol; to your own demise!!! (O

Posted by Anonymous to Musing Mother at 8:10 PM " ("Verbose? I suppose so, but you are not very articulate. And, if this is how a Christian responds, then I'll be a happy pagan. RW)

Just a few days ago, I received a comment on one of my blog entries which was long, rambling and really had nothing to do with anything but this woman's private battle. It seems she believes she should have received a personal response from me. Although this person DID, at least, have the courage to give her name and location, she still has me a bit befuddled as to what her complaint actually is. I am not publishing her name to spare her any embarrassment.

"December 30, 2010

Briefly here would like to comment on the blog entitled "Motherhood Deleted" which it seems was written by Robin Westbrook OR someone claiming this name. How interesting it is, after I sent the person identified by this name an email, that I've been ignored. The blog aforenamed was refreshing.

On the other hand it seems the person, who's now raised questions about her actually being a first mother, in fact may NOT be a natural mother at all. (Actually, I am not a first mother...I am a Natural mother or, just a mother. RW)

Too many times I've been ignored when I've contacted women who claimed to be a first mother. They thus are proven to be a hypocrite, which is what the current situation now stands as, which is to say the supposed first mother of the blog "Motherhood Deleted" is a hypocrite. First natural mothers claim they support their fellow first mothers on the one hand but then whenever I contact such a mother she then ignores me on the other hand.

Something's very wrong here, especially since it's now been going on for about 15 years consistently. Who is tracking and stealing email correspondence so that it either doesn't reach the intended recipient of the natural mother or bribes her to ignore me? This all seems surreptitious!

Therefore I'd like a response Robin Westbrook."

Well, not wanting to seem "surreptitious," I'll come right out with it. When people start seeing you as threatening or pull away from you, and do so on a continuous basis, it might be time for you to look into your own words and actions. Psychotics believe that they are right and every one else is wrong.

We want the Natural Mother to sound like the majority of us...sensible, responsible and sane. We have already been labeled "the lunatic fringe" by the adoption industry and people like these aren't helping themselves or Natural Mothers in general.

I feel sad for these women, but I also resent the fact that they present themselves as representatives of the Natural Mothers of our country. When someone sounds vicious, argumentative, paranoid and even delusional, the industry and its minions and customers can point these folks out and say, "See? They are a bunch of wing nuts." Those of us who are sticking our necks out, using our real names and saying things that the Industry doesn't want the public to hear don't appreciate being identified with people like the ones who wrote the posts above. We have enough savvy to know that we are not going to get anywhere with incoherent ramblings and rantings.

Those are just two examples. We get tons of such nonsense and that is why I keep my comment moderation turned "ON." The Internet has loads of places where anyone can start a free blog. If anyone has issues with the message I purvey or who I am or who my friends are, then go get yourself a blog space and have at it. Let's see you talk about "freedom of speech" and "hypocrites" when you get comments on YOUR blogs trying to rake you over the coals. I just thought it might be time to let anyone who reads my blog see what you are writing. Not everyone reads the comments so I am giving you both, and any others like you, center stage on Motherhood Deleted. My magnanimity knows no bounds.

Oh, and spell check and vocabulary skills just might come in handy for you.


Unknown said...

*Scratching head*....they are really something, aren't they? I am linking to it.

Von said...

While they might be irritating, they will thrive on the attention and the success of their comments.Don't give them what they want!

Robin said...

Ignoring them hasn't worked, so far, Von. I am hoping they might have the presence of mind and good grace to be embarrassed.

Lori said...

Robin, sigh, you have to wonder if they are even remotely educated...spelling is one of those things that are taught in grade school I have yet to find a person like either of them that I would want to represent me. The first sounds like a lunatic, the second like a person that is so paranoid that they barely function....maybe I am confused, but geez people....

maryanne said...

This sounds suspiciously like an adoptee who comments on many blogs, yet this one claims to be a first mother? The wording is similar, but maybe it is just that all paranoids think alike.

Robin said...

Both say they are natural mothers, Maryanne. I really think they both need help.